Session: Choosing an open table format for your transactional data lake

Shana Schipers, Principal Specialist SA, Analytics @ AWS

Join Shana for an explorative talk on the burgeoning popularity of transactional data lakes within modern data platforms. These innovative solutions, such as those supported by AWS, have unlocked a realm of possibilities, making previously challenging tasks like Change Data Capture (CDC) and GDPR compliance seamlessly achievable. By embracing open-table formats like Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Delta Lake, organizations can combine the power of transactional capabilities with the flexibility of Amazon S3 data lakes, all at scale. However, with numerous options available, there's no "one size fits all" solution.

This session aims to be your compass in this journey, offering guidance on selecting the right table format for your specific use case. We'll explore essential criteria and attention points to accelerate your decision-making process and ensure the success of your data lake endeavors.

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  • Data streams and ingestion
  • Hub-and-spoke data integration models
  • Choosing the right engine for your workload
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