Would you like to speak at Open Source Data Summit 2024?

We have opened an early call for session proposals and are accepting submissions that support our collaborative vision of exploring the dynamic landscape of open source data tools and storage.

Proposals for sessions detailing any of the following are strongly encouraged:

  • Benefits of open source data tools
  • Cost/performance trade-offs
  • Building data storage solutions
  • Challenges surrounding open source data tool integration
  • Solutions for the cost of storing, accessing, and managing data
  • Data streams and ingestion
  • Hub-and-spoke data integration models
  • Choosing the right engine for your workload

When submitting a proposal, please include what insights attendees will gain from your session and why you feel you are the ideal person to give this talk or presentation.

We evaluate all sessions fairly - if you have a valuable perspective to share, we'd like to hear from you!

Questions? Reach out to astronaut@solutionmonday.com.

Open Source Data Summit 2024 Session Proposal

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