Session: Maximizing efficiency by templating Glue jobs and serverless architecture in Hudi data lakes

Soumil Shah, Data Engineering Team Lead @ JobTarget

By combining the power of templated Glue jobs and a serverless architecture within Hudi data lakes, this project revolutionizes how organizations handle large volumes of data. In this project, we explore the challenges of data lake management and introduce a solution that leverages the flexibility of Glue jobs to automate data ingestion, transformation, and loading tasks. The templated approach significantly reduces the effort required to manage complex ETL processes.

Additionally, the project incorporates a serverless architecture, minimizing operational overhead and costs associated with traditional infrastructure management. This approach not only streamlines data processing but also ensures scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability.

Through practical examples, source code, and architectural insights, this project equips data engineers and architects with the knowledge and tools to implement these techniques in their own data lake ecosystems. Attendees will learn how to maximize efficiency, optimize ETL workflows, and harness the full potential of Hudi data lakes, ultimately improving their organization's data management capabilities.

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