Session: Overhauling data management at Apna

Sarfaraz Hussain, Senior Data Engineer @ Apna

Ronak Shah, Head of Data & Product @ Apna

Sarfaraz and Ronak will walk through the transformation of data management at Apna, a leading technology company. In their talk they'll cover:

  • A comprehensive look at Apna’s historical data landscape, including the challenges and limitations it posed for the organization
  • The catalysts that drove the need for a significant data transformation
  • The methodologies, tools, and best practices employed to construct their new data platform internally
  • Apna’s revamped data storage architecture which is designed to enhance scalability, performance, and data accessibility
  • Their data ingestion and processing techniques as well as insights into the streamlined processes ensure efficient and reliable data handling
Interested in learning more about Apna's revamped architecture or overhauling your own data management strategy?
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Open Source Data Summit 2024 will be held on October 2nd, 2024.

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  • Benefits of open source data tools
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  • Building data storage solutions
  • Challenges surrounding open source data tool integration
  • Solutions for the cost of storing, accessing, and managing data
  • Data streams and ingestion
  • Hub-and-spoke data integration models
  • Choosing the right engine for your workload
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